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In the wedding photography, notices

Because a lot of the bride in daily life, rarely face the camera, in a wedding, for time, place the limit, not able to repeat photos, so, I’m from a cameraman identity, trouwjurken to give you some advice.


(A) photography, many from the bedroom first start, so you need to shift to an earlier date decorate good your bedroom.


The recommended in your bedroom in, to prepare more happy color.


Advice to a few small ornament more than 2, such as marriage gauze small photo album, delicate small ornament.


Suggest 3 according to condition, add some green plants.


(B) in car home, want to take the groom get on the car of lens, don’t have to wait until set off, to finish this operation, because you get on the bus, will be very busy, influence the effect of photos.


Suggestions on the car shot 1 in 10 seconds lens, don’t answer the phone or and the surrounding people say “hello”, the best shot at once.


2 the lens in the advice of the bridegroom,  and just get a bunch of flowers, followed in the groomsman can, two people don’t take other packages.


Suggest 3 after the completion of the lens, cameraman will tell you, you don’t ask whether the cameraman has been finished.


I suggest you, taken in advance is the best option. In marriage, take of time, the most two hours, it is to show, not including to the wedding place the time in the distance.


In the marriage that day, is very cost your spirit, the shooting photography, you need to plan ahead, because of the wedding, dinner is the most important part of the bride and groom, during the celebration, will consider many things, such as the dinner arrangement, ceremony of the stage, the bride also want to consider the makeup hair, his clothes, as a photographer, I very much hope, will be able to the bride and groom the best time, photograph, keep down, be you the best, the most romantic memory.

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